VIP Parking Passes are quickly selling online and actually did sell out at some point on or near Labor Day weekend. A few more were added a few days later so you have few a couple of days left to take advantage of the $15 add-on. Remember, The Premium Parking Pass gets you the closest available public parking for the entire event. Also, the Premium Parking lot is accessed via an expedited travel route for quicker access. We still encourage you to leave very early to get to the festival. If you miss out online, there are local places to buy:

  • Warren County Department of Public Works office at 4028 Main Street, Warrensburg NY (518) 761-6559
  • Warren County Treasurer's Office at 1340 State Route 9, Lake George NY (518) 761-6375
  • Town of Queensbury Town Clerk's Office at 742 Bay Road, Queensbury NY (518) 761-8234
  • City of Glens Falls City Clerk's Office at 42 Ridge Street, Glens Falls NY (518) 761-3801

Best to call first and these can not be mailed and remember, these are not sold by the festival so we can not replace or assist if you have lost your pass.