VIP Parking Passes are information regarding booking a flight are now available. Please visit the Balloons & Rides tab on the home page to see the pilots that are attending the 2019 festival. More are added daily as we complete the registration process. Note on booking… the festival does not broker or set flight prices. You need to take a look at the list and choose a pilot to contact. Also, only the pilots who have email and or phone numbers listed are booking flights. These fill up fast and very rarely can you just walk up and book at ride at the festival, so don’t wait!

In regards to the VIP Parking Pass these are available online only. They are sold by Warren County so the festival folks will not be able to assist with any pass issues such as replacements, etc. You will have to work directly through contacts on the Eventbrite page. If you are not familiar with what the passes get you, it allows you access from Dix Ave to Queensbury Ave in front of main airport terminal. Parking is closer and should get you in and out quicker only if you plan ahead and arrive early. Traffic is imminent so be prepared. General traffic will have to venture the Quaker Road to Ridge Road route which gets very busy. The staff and the county work very hard to get you into the event in a smooth manner. Pack your patience.